Marketing beyond your City: The importance of Digital Marketing in Overseas

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International Enterprise Singapore (or IE Singapore), a government agency driving Singapore’s external economy, recently held a workshop entitled “Digital & Social Media Marketing in Overseas” last May 31, 2016. The workshop was conducted to inform the local SMEs the importance of using digital marketing in overseas and how to use social media to reach out to customers across the globe. It was attended by more than 40 companies who are eager to learn more about digital marketing in overseas and how they can use social media to propel their business.

IE Singapore's Digital & Social Media Marketing in Overseas Markets workshop
Three speakers were invited to the workshop: Mr. Eu Gene Ang, Lead Trainer of ClickAcademy Asia, who talked about digital marketing for internationalisation; Mr. Derick Ng, CEO & Founder of Clickr Media, who talked about the Trends and Insights on Social Media Marketing; and lastly, Mr. Ashwin Seshhadri, SEA Account Manager from Facebook, who talked about the importance of Facebook in internationalisation marketing and shared about Facebook’s marketing solutions for SMEs to scale globally. The participating SMEs had the chance to know different practical tips, case studies, and best practices in using Facebook and other digital tools in managing their overseas marketing strategy. Most of the companies already have Facebook and Instagram while a few have LinkedIn or Youtube. Although Facebook is widely known as the most efficient marketing platform, websites and search engine should not to be taken lightly.

IE Singapore workshop advisory clinic
After the three speaker segments, a couple of companies had the chance to have one-to-one advisory clinics with them. iRiver Advertising was also invited to provide advisory clinic sessions to the SMEs to share our expertise in 360-degree digital marketing. Each company was given a 15-minute session to seek professional advice on their marketing plans. But besides these social media platforms, iRiver Advertising highlighted the importance of using search marketing (or SEO) to get in front of their target audience as they search for them, and website marketing for potential consumers to know more about their products. There are far more other strategies that should be part of a brand’s digital marketing plan such as search engine optimization (or SEO) for websites, influencer marketing or blogger engagement, platform management not only for Facebook, but for Weibo as well, especially for those targeting the China market, and of course social media advertising to amplify the brand’s message making sure it reaches the target market.

It was indeed an interesting and productive morning as we got to know these different SMEs who are very eager to know more about digital marketing in overseas markets. Certainly, 15 minutes is not sufficient to cover the entire digital marketing landscape. So if you would like to know more about digital marketing in overseas and how you can use it to increase sales, promote and raise awareness about your brand, drop us a message here and our experts will assist you to have an effective digital marketing strategy for your brand.