Travel 141

Travel 141 is iRiver Advertising’s key project that features the top vacation destinations around Asia. This website functions as a local travel guide around Asia and is complete with the latest travel news, deals, reviews, and guides for your next visit to Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and the Philippines.
Our content at Travel 141 caters to a wide range of readers, especially because of its engaging content available in five different languages including English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, and Thai.
If you want to have your resort, property, or any other place known to all, Travel 141 is the best website to invest it. We focus on making informative, creative, and relatable content that would attract tourists to visit you.
What’s more is that our articles are SEO and social media ready and is complete with social media ads to multiply our reach.
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Asia Travel Club (ATC)

Asia Travel Club (ATC) is a hotel partners program that aims to simplify and automate the process of working with influencers across Asia. Tailored for hotels and resorts, we help you turn unused inventories into a powerful marketing and retention program that will address important aspects of influencer marketing — from identifying real influencers to monitoring their performance.
At ATC, we help our partners search for influencers that fit your brand, engage with them in just one click and manage the campaign to completion. We also reward top-performing influencers with points, redeemable for free room nights.
Through our integrated marking approach with Travel 141, the ultimate resource for travellers seeking to explore the best destinations in Asia, you are ensured of up to 10x results. With a presence in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China, ATC aims to provide you with the most seamless approach to influencer marketing in order drive greater visibility and better awareness for your brand.
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